Just bear it

I started an on-site freelance gig today. I had to get up at 5:30 a.m. to make it there by 8. I successfully found it (whew), checked in while looking all nice in real shoes (ick) and a heavy bag full of my daily essentials (grr) … then I waited an hour for someone to come and get me from reception. Effing toe-jam sniffing jerks!

(I’m totally charging them for that hour.)

My contact was on vacation and the lady who was in charge of me didn’t get in until 9. In fact, I don’t think she knew I was coming. So why was I there at 8? Cuz sometimes people suck at these things called “communication” and “reality.”

So these bear stickers are my reminder to get over it and just “bear” it (hehe, get it?). It’s a two-week assignment in an AC’d, suburban cube farm. Everyone is really nice so far, though everyone I met today was shorter than me. Even the dudes … it was a little disturbing. I felt like a towering Amazon (that’s not nearly as fun as it sounds). I have no e-mail access, most of my fellow co-workers spent the day on Facebook or chatting AND you have to pay for your coffee.

That last bit might do me in.

(Top: Along Devon, Rogers Park, Chicago. Bottom: Steps at Navy Pier, Downtown, Chicago.)


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