A breath of fresh air, indeed

The artist who did Stay As You Are has struck again. I loved this one so much I damn near pried it off the wall.

But I didn’t.

I really wanted to. I looked around to see how many witnesses were about, walked away a few paces, and then went back to look at it some more.

It was hard, people. Really, really hard NOT to take it.

But I say again: I didn’t. And I think I might just regret that decision.

It looked so good there, like it belonged in the breezeway between buildings to the Davis CTA and Metra stations. So I left it, figuring that the more people who see it, the more happiness it can spread. Right?

The so-called “Good Will Graffiti Artist” also brightened up a crumbling cistern in May (see the story and pictures here). Like the author, I’m not a fan of tagging; it’s usually ugly, lazy and illegible.

Good Will isn’t a tagger, though, s/he is an artist. This isn’t graffiti, this is art.

And that is indeed a breath of fresh air.

Thank you, Good Will, whoever you are. I look forward to seeing more.

(Location: Davis stations breezeway, Evanston, IL. Artist: Good Will.)


2 thoughts on “A breath of fresh air, indeed

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  2. […] art from Good Will (see others here and here). This was found at the Davis Metra entrance. It’s a wee bit weather-beaten, but […]

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