Hearts on parade

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Chicago’s downtown art often leaves a lot to be desired. While February’s Hearts a Bluhm campaign was for a good cause (heart health), most of the 20 or so pieces I walked by were either commercial or trite—or both.

Only three piqued my interested enough to make me stop and look at them more closely … and, in theory, to read the health facts. Yet somehow I missed those until I was walking away (and they didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know).

From top to bottom:

1. “Hibiscus Bloom.” Sponsor: Anonymous. Artist: Liz Wolf. See what happens when you don’t clean your ears? Hibiscus trees take root in your earwax.

2. “Joe’s.” Sponsor: Richard & Martha Melman Foundation. Artist: Todd Brody & Dustin Ruegger. Who doesn’t love a giant crab? Thems good eatin’.

3. “Language of the Heart.” Sponsor: Goldman Sachs. Artist: Brenda Berman. Not just one trite saying, but lots and lots of heart-related phrases. Awesome.

(Along Michigan Ave., Miracle Mile, Chicago.)


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