Beware: Public dork attack imminent

I love being a woman. I mean, I really love it. (It’s awesome.) But sometimes my knee-jerk, girlie response to things is just plain dorky.

Case in point: What did I do when I spotted this? I squealed and giggled and said something really smart like, “Ooo … cute!”

Yes, that’s right. I squealed with delight. In public.

I wish I could say that this was an isolated incident, but it wasn’t. (I have dork attacks quite often, though I can usually keep them out of the public eye.) Thankfully, I wasn’t with anyone who didn’t already love me. (Right?)

In my defense, this sticker is awfully cute. (Look at those big bobble eyes! *squeal*)

(Near the Brown Line Diversey stop, Lincoln Park, Chicago.)

Beware: Public dork attack imminent

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