Bathroom humor

From the top, left to right:

1. Proper Handwashing. This public health notice details how to properly use a paper towel to dry your hands and to then use it to turn off the faucet so you don’t get recontaminated. Good idea. The problem? There are no paper towels available. Just the air dryer.

2. Love Yourself. There’s just something disturbing about sitting down in a stall with your pants down and being told to “love yourself.” Really? Now? I’m kinda busy.

3. Remain Seated. Women who hover (and don’t wipe off the seat) should be shot. Cuz you always dribble. Always. You’re the dirty ones, not us.

(Found in the women’s restrooms at: 1. Rogers Park Library, Rogers Park. 2. iO, Wrigleyville. 3. Shabuka, Rogers Park.)

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